Letter to Washington Post on Senate Judiciary Committee Bill Regarding Immigration

The following letter was sent to the Washinton Post

"Regarding the Washington Post ArticleSenators Back Guest Workers.
The Federal government has been severely negligent in enforcing immigration laws.
To the tune of about 12 million illegal immigrants in the country.
Today the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill for lawlessness.
They said it’s OK to break the law, and benefit from it. It’s that simple.
The Committee basically said, we have not been able to do our job as a nation, and we’ve been so bad at enforcing the law, that we are going to let all you illegal immigrants just stay here and enjoy American life–after all you do help us out. But the main reason you get to stay is that there are too many of you illegals for us to do anything else.
This is a great message isn’t it?! It’s OK to break the law, and we can’t help it, says the Senate Judiciary Committee. What laws are next I wonder? When a society is too inept to enforce its laws then social unrest and anarchy are right around the corner."
William R. Jack
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