Talking About Split in Republican Party over Immigration Reflects Split in Nation

The following letter was sent to the NY Times on March 29, 2006:

"Your article Republican Split on Immigration Reflects Nation’s Struggle – New York Times states the dilemma perfectly when it says it is almost as if they are looking at two different Americas. "The Senate Republicans who voted on Monday to legalize the nation’s illegal immigrants look at the waves of immigration reshaping this country and see a powerful work force, millions of potential voters and future Americans. The House Republicans who backed tough border security legislation in December look at the same group of people and see a flood of invaders and lawbreakers who threaten national security and American jobs and culture."
Both views are correct. But we must take these views in their correct order.
First, these are people who have become a flood of invaders  and lawbreakers. They have not gotten in line like millions from other countries, or millions of their own ancestors and fellow countrymen have done to enter the country in accordance with the laws of the land. Yes , and the fact they have been able to do this, does reflect back on our nation’s dismal ineptness to control its own borders. A grave national security matter.
The second point of view, is also important and true, that within this wave of invading illegal immigrants is a powerful work force, millions of potential voters and future Americans.
But we have to come to grips with this problem in the sequence that brings justice to our laws as a nation first, and does not treat unfairly the millions of immigrants to this country who have and are complying  with our immigration laws.
As a separate but related matter we have to look to the root cause of the immediate problem, which is incredible neglect of our border security. This is an issue that someone can run on in the upcoming elections, and I hope they will. Once we lose control of our borders, we have lost control of one of the defining characteristics of our national identity. This is not only a terrorist threat, but a threat to the internal security of our nation, and to our people, and their right to enjoy domestic tranquility."
William Robert Jack
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