Letter to Congressman John Conyers Jr.Regarding, Iraq WMD and Iran


Dear Congressman Conyers,
I was reading your web site and noted your comments about the misinformation that the Bush Administration gave as a justification for going to war with Iraq, and for Saddam Hussein’s removal.
In all due respect, there was every reason to believe that WMD existed in Iraq. The regime had used it, and repeatedly rejected the UN from WMD inspections. Hussein is a madman,a murderer and was a destabilizing factor in the Middle East.
His own generals thought that WMD existed based on recent papers found in Iraq.
After 9/11 this country was finally convinced it was at war. Hussein had already caused us to go to war once, so there was every reason to see him as a threat.
There are reports that the Russians removed the WMD at the time of the Iraqi invasion and that these are now in Lebanon and Syria. Personally, I don’t know what happened to the WMD. I do believe, however, that Hussein had a WMD program going on. He is a sly cat who cannot be trusted.
The Iraq war has been much more difficult than was ever expected by the Administration. And by many Americans.  There is no doubt in my mind that the task was underestimated–in hind sight. But even going forward on the run to Baghdad, I expected that we would see the use of WMD against our troops, it was a scary prospect. 
Now we have Iran and its nuclear program, and threats to wipe out Israel in a mushroom cloud. We have Iran supporting Hezbollah and Hamas, supporting the insurgents in Iraq, making IED components that are killing people in Iraq. Threats that thousands of suicide bombers are ready to move. Is all that real? It has me convinced, yet someone told me the other evening they thought Bush was making it all up in order to justify a war on Iran.
William R. Jack
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