Letter to L A Times Regarding Bush Energy Moves

The following letter was sent to the L. A. Times on April 26,2006:

"Your articleWhy Gas Prices Won’t Go Down – Los Angeles Times is exactly on point in my opinion. It states that the steps proposed by President Bush on Tuesday to rein in soaring gasoline prices would do little to cut fuel costs before the summer driving season.
When lack of refining capacity is the core problem, you are not going to get more gasoline by not filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
President Bush is trying to make short term fixes for long term structural problems.
Dependence on oil, energy source of the industrial revolution, that is the real problem. The government must urgently step up and put in place a 21st century energy vision, which it has not done.  It must take a much more active role in being a leader, and catalyst in the process, engaging in a partnership with business, and the academic research communities in evolving new energy sources and the infrastructures to support them, like filling stations for entirely new automotive fuels."
William R. Jack
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