Letter to LA TImes Editorial on Immigration–Comments by President Bush

The following letter has been sent to the LA Times on April 30, 2006:

"Regarding your editorialSpeaking like a president – Los Angeles Times you compliment the virtues of President Bush’s stand on how to handle the problem of illegal immigration. You focus on new laws, such a the McCain-Kennedy proposal from the Senate Judiciary Committee to legalize the illegals.

What you entirely miss is the fact that we already have laws on the books that thousands of desiring immigrants are presently following–many of these are for highly educated persons that we need in this country yesterday. Instead we are focused on millions of illegal immigrants who have slipped into the country while no one was  looking, and are considering new laws to make these people, many uneducated, low skilled people legally part of our country. This is wrong. They should be required to follow our laws!
What is needed, even now, is to enforce the laws that are on the books. The President, and the advocates of the McCain-Kennedy proposal, or any proposal like it, are making a mockery out of this country’s values for upholding the laws of the land. What we need now is strong leadership, and we are not getting it from either the President or the Congress."
William R. Jack

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