Letter to NY Times Regarding President Bush to Address Nation on Immigration

The following letter was sent to the NY Times on May 12, 2006:
In your article Bush to Address Nation on Immigration – New York Times, President Bush is quoted as saying  "I know this is an emotional debate," Mr. Bush said last month in Orange County, Calif. "I can understand it’s emotional, but one thing we cannot lose sight of is that we’re talking about human beings, decent human beings."
What the President misses completely is that the immigration laws have been broken by these people. Whether they are decent human beings is a moral judgement that the President is not qualified to make–he doesn’t know all the illegal aliens personally.  Further the President is stating that decent folks knowingly break the law, and that we should stick up for them by allowing them to remain in the U.S.
No wonder the President’s poll numbers are sinking. Even people who voted for him are getting sick and tired of his tone deafness on issues like immigration.
A point I believe that is critical to this debate is whether we are going to be a nation of laws that are upheld, whether people can expect uniform justice in the US.  Or whether we are going to allow our elected officials to duck their responsibilities to the American people, and expect us to stand by while millions of one category of people, namely illegal aliens who snuck into the US, rape our justice system and get away with it.
William R. Jack
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