New Letter from Senator Reid Regarding National Energy Policy

May 12, 2006

Mr. William Jack
3916 Marsh Sparrow Lane
North Las Vegas, Nevada  89084

Dear Mr. Jack:

    Thank you for contacting me about our nation’s energy policy.  I
appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

    I support providing Americans with some kind of temporary relief from
rising energy, gas and electricity prices while we try to install a much
better national energy policy.  But it does not make sense to pay for that
relief by drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil and
continuing the nation’s addiction to oil as proposed by Senator Bill Frist
(R-TN).  We need a combination of short-term relief and a new, more
sustainable approach to energy that works for all Americans and improves
our national security.

    The nation’s current energy policy has made America more dependent on
oil, and particularly foreign oil.  I was disappointed that on May 2,
2006, an amendment offered by Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) to add $3
billion for a wide range of energy efficiency, security, and research
development programs to the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill was
prevented from being considered by the full Senate.  The successful
implementation of Senator Menendez’ amendment would have been a
significant step towards reducing our dependency on oil.  As the 109th
Congress moves forward, I will continue to use my position in the Senate
leadership and my senior position on the Senate Appropriations Committee
to help achieve that goal and promote development of alternative and
renewable energy sources.

    Energy is critical to our future and our national security.  In December
2005, I helped launch a major plan to have America achieve Energy
Independence by 2020.  Our country needs a fresh start, and this plan will
make America cleaner, greener and more secure.

    The Energy Independence 2020 plan includes initiatives to diversify and
expand our energy supplies.  Building on current resources and technology,
the plan proposes to establish a national electricity standard that
requires greater use of renewable energy and creates greater and more
stable incentives for energy production from solar, wind and geothermal
resources.  It also proposes a dramatic increase in the production of
domestically grown biofuels, support for the development of a hydrogen
community and advanced clean coal technology, as well as construction of
the Alaskan natural gas pipeline.

    During my time in the Senate, I have pursued policies that would
strengthen corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards and increase
fuel conservation.  I recognize that upgrading fuel economy standards is
an essential component to achieving energy independence, as well as saving
money for consumers and protecting our environment.  I am also working to
provide consumers with more fuel efficient vehicle choices, more accurate
fuel economy information, and streamlined fuel specifications that
maintain state clean air protections.  Additionally, I will continue to
support the development of a hydrogen economy and improved infrastructure
and electricity options for hybrids.  I am also working on ways to
dramatically increase the production of domestically grown biofuels.

    I will continue to work on ways of solving the immediate energy problems
before us, as well as develop long term solutions to our dependence on
foreign oil.  Together, America can do better and achieve energy
independence by 2020.  Please be assured that I will remain mindful of
your concerns.  I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    My best wishes to you.


                    HARRY REID
                    United States Senator


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