Letter to USA Today Regarding President Bush’s Plan to Use National Guard to Patrol Border

The following letter was sent to USA Today on May 13, 2006:
In your article "Bush weighs deploying Guard to U.S. border", the President is so far out of touch with the public’s sentiments on the issues that it is almost a sure prediction that his ratings will fall again when he gets through with his Monday speech.
Instead of enforcing the existing immigration laws he has opted to throw in the towel and allow millions of illegal aliens to make the US their home.  He has thumbed his nose at the laws of the land, and the  system of justice in the U.S. while these people overwhelm the welfare system and local taxpayer supported services.
In marching out the idea that the national guard will be used to patrol the border he hopes to deflect our attention away from the masses of illegal aliens that are in the U.S. and the need to enforce the existing laws that call for their deportation.
For one, I am tired of elected representatives not doing their jobs, and trying to make problems go away by passing new laws that leave this country weaker, and rape its justice system and its taxpayers.
William R. Jack
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