Regarding Defining the Enemy as Radical Islamic Jihadism–Letter to NY Times


While I agree with Secretary Rumsfeld that appeasement of the radical Islamists is wrong, I am afraid that the neoconservative right has coined the word "fascism" to describe the nature of the enemy in this global war that threatens our society–which seeks in fact to destroy it.
I think that we should leave the word "fascism" with Hitler’s Germany.  Not enough people know what it means other than it is a dirty and emotional word that should be hated by freedom seeking democracies everywhere. 
Defining the enemy today requires that we come to grips with a new paradigm, and we need to stop fumbling the ball in reaching a definition of who this enemy really is. The enemy today is radical Islamic jihadism, and just as important, its sympathizers. Destroying, mutilating and killing is its MO, and terror or fear is what it strives to create. Ultimately its goal is to subjugate the peoples of the world, under the leadership of a single caliph.
If we can define who the enemy is clearly and what its goals are we have a better chance of fighting back and retaining our freedom, culture and democratic institutions.
William R. Jack
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