Episcopalians Vs Anglicans–Letter to NY Times


As a more conservative Episcopalian, I am motivated by the notion that the Anglican Church establish separate branch parishes in the U.S. so that I and those who share my more conservative views will have places to worship if we choose in an environment where gays and lesbians are included in church life as parishioners,but are excluded from being established as rectors, priests, bishops and any other clerical positions.
I found it disturbing during the short time that I attended a flaming liberal Episcopalian church in Pasadena, CA that a feminist lesbian priest who referred to God as "she" presided over communion services. I am not going to change my mind on this, and if the Episcopalian Church finds it to their advantage to permit this type of culture, then so be it–but hopefully the Anglican Church will fill the void by introducing worship opportunities for the more conservative Episcopalians in this country under the brand name of the Anglican Church.
Bob Jack
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