Insurgents Split with Al Qaeda in Iraq–Letter to LA Times


The reported split between the insurgents and Al Qaeda in Iraq is a positive development in the Iraq war, and is the kind of development that arises because the U.S. has maintained its forces there, and increased the press on the enemy. 
Only time will tell how this war will resolve itself, but for the military to vacate before we have a stable situation there would be wrong and disastrous.
Our investment there is enormous, and to walk out and leave would be a huge mistake.  This is not a case of throwing good assets after bad ones,but of having the staying power and resolve to stabilize this situation and to win this war.
It is only a matter of time until public opinion in the U.S. will regain its support for pressing this matter in the Middle East, and we will realize the importance of deploying our nation’s military and civilian assets in the entire region.  We must continue with our challenge to Al Qeada and Iran, and all terrorism everywhere it occurs, and the only thing that terrorists, including state sponsored terrorists, pay attention to is military force.   
Bob Jack
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