Senator Pryor’s plan to for a secret withdrawal date from Iraq–Letter to Washington Post


Senator Pryor’s proposal to make any withdrawal date from Iraq a secret shows just what a bad idea it is to follow any Congressional mandate for a withdrawal from Iraq at any time. The only way to combat the enemy in this region is to continue to have the resolve to win—there should be no time table !
It would be a disaster to allow Congress to mandate a withdrawal date for this war. It would show weakness and defeatism, and  a complete absence of U. S. resolve to see this matter though to a satisfactory conclusion. 
This is a situation that can and will be stabilized with the necessary time and military and civilian assets committed to the campaign.  The U.S. must have the resolve to see this matter through.  We must stand up to all forms of terrorism, and the Middle East is a major region from which terrorism is spawned and spread to the rest of the world.
Any attempt to impose a withdrawal date or time table for redeployment of our military would be a disastrous error in judgement.
Bob Jack
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