Morale Dips for GIs in Iraq War–Letter to LA Times


The LA Time’s article regarding the dip in GI’s morale is more like a story about common complaints heard in the company cafeteria from employees about a company’s recent cost cutting move. I keep hearing stories about GI’s who renew their commitments to the Army to go back to Iraq.  Why? Because they believe in their mission over there.
I think that there will always be a difference in perception between management’s view (the commanders) and the employees’ view (the GIs), and I think this is a realistic analogy.  The view at the top considers the overall assessment of performance, the pluses and the minuses.  Those toiling in the trenches at work and in the war see only what is immediately before them. Most often, the impact of individual hard work in both of these roles is likely to produce positive contributions to the bottom line,even though as seen from the trenches it is not frequently easy to determine individual bottom line contributions.    
I get back to the point that most GIs in Iraq believe in their mission over there, and that the LAT article has chosen to highlight the cafeteria table negatives rather than the overall positives.


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