Iranian Revolutionary Guard Becomes Fiscal Empire–Letter to LA Times


Your article dealing with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp(IRGC) is a revealing insight into what appears to be an unchecked military unit that has in fact become a foreign government within a government.
The Bush Administration’s temptation to place the IRGC on the known terrorists list, while enabling the United States to freeze assets of the IRGC, and take such other legal actions that are available against such organizations, also involves a potential risk.
That risk is one of absolving the Iranian government of responsibility for the actions of one of its own state’s units. For to proclaim the IRGC a separate terrorist organization in a subtle way also has the effect of saying that Iran is not responsible for the IRGC–that in fact the IRGC has become independent of Iran.  This is not the case, any more than it is to say that the Department of Defense is independent of the United States government, which it is not.
The Iranian Supreme Leader is still in charge of the Iranian government. Iran, as a nation, is the entity that must be held accountable for the actions of the IRGC.
If the Bush Administration believes that the United States, by proclaiming the IRGC a separate terrorist organization, can wage military strikes against the IRGC with impunity vis-a-vis Iran they are entirely mistaken.  Because units of the IRGC have been identified as lending training and weapons support to  our enemies in Iraq, the United States should be able to strike back against these Iranian sponsored military units without identifying the IRGC as being separate from the Iranian government. 
The bottom line is that the real issues to be dealt with are directly between the Iranian government and the United States government, not the United States government and the IRGC.


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