GAO Report on Iraq Progress–Letter to Washington Post


Your article covers the recent draft GAO report of progress in the Iraq war. It is mainly a negative report on progress.
This war has been placed under a rigid microscope that attempts to measure progress against impossible standards of achievement.
We are involved in a very messy war in Iraq, which by no means detracts from the importance of having the backbone to stay and fight. The only measure of progress that is important is the resolve of the people of the United States to remain strong enough to endure this kind of war.
I strongly urge and expect the Bush Administration to stand up to those who are pressuring for  "progress" in this war. We have committed our troops, who have committed themselves, to continue to be determined in the face of harm’s way.  I believe in what we are fighting for in Iraq. Our troops are battle hardened believers, volunteering to be over there, and with a purpose to depose those who are Islamic radicals, dedicated to brutality and autocratic rule. While we have made serious mistakes in the planning and execution of the war, that is no reason to run and hide from the immensity of the present task that is Iraq.
We will end up fighting this war in the streets of NYC, LA, Las Vegas, Miami, and in an array of other places in the United States.  This may now be already unavoidable because of lax immigration controls and lax homeland security, weak communications between intelligence agencies, importation of al Qaeda and Hezbollah terrorists, and home grown terrorist cells from the vast network within the Islamic population in the United States. But fight on in Iraq we must. Any sign of withdrawal will be seized on as a sign of  weakness by the Islamic extremists who desire to destroy our values, culture, and institutions. To retreat now would be a disastrous error.
We are fighting a cunning, well prepared and brutal enemy.  They are bound to test our collective will, and that’s why we have to remain strongly committed to the Iraq war, and against all state sponsors of terrorism in the region, such as Syria, and Iran. 


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