Arrogance and Ego Stalk Obama–Letter to NY Times


Your ‘New Analysis" on Barack Obama’s highly questionable journey to Europe is laced with ambiguity.
While you contend that Europeans are elated with Obama’s willing and more flexible style regarding long held United States positions on various foreign policy issues, you also point out the serious doubts that
the Senator generates among Europeans by his positions on such things as support for Afghanistan and on restrictive trade practices. Make up your mind.  I know that’s difficult when dealing with Senator Obama, because he himself is an enigma. A typical Chicago politician, Barack Obama positions himself on any issue in such a way as to garner votes. Who he really is, what he really is–he hides. Nevertheless, as time moves forward the American people are finding out more and more out about the shallowness and inexperience of this candidate, and who and what he really is.  
In my humble opinion, the Senator has no business articulating foreign policy positions to any country in which he travels as a candidate for the presidency. The Senator should only be listening to people and observing the events and conditions on the ground.  But Barack Obama is arrogant, and an elitist.  He is
swept up by himself, and is insensitive to the position he occupies in his travels to various Middle East and European nations. He is a candidate–not the United States President, and he has not been able to differentiate these roles. As a consequence he has allowed himself to be used by the Iraqi Government, during a sensitive time in which the present Administration is conducting serious negotiations with the Iraqi government on a range of important disengagement and redeployment conditions.
While the Administration and John McCain will not speak out strongly enough against Barack Obama’s inappropriate behavior, so as not to appear as being "sour grapes", I will speak out against his inappropriate behavior, and Americans can and will be the final arbiters in the matter. Barack Obama is slipping, and will continue to slip, in the polls as we all get to know him better.
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