Obama Tries to Link His Middle East/Europe Trip to Rebuilding U.S.Economy | Letter to LA Times


Senator Obama in trying to make his trip to the Middle East and Europe relevant to the rebuilding of the United States economy, has in effect announced the unrealistic assumption that  the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan , once ended, will free money to use for domestic programs. He has essentially stated that the military budget will be cut back, and that Islamic jihad will end. This is the mind set of this novice with the judgement of a junior politician.
I believe the thrust of your article reveals Barack Obama at the apex of his immaturity and poor judgement.
The American people need to know exactly how shallow and narrowly focused Barack Obama is in both his foreign policy assessments and in his bloated plans for taxes and expenditures in domestic programs.
He is also trying desperately to justify the fundamental reasons for his trip to the Middle East and Europe
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