The Peril that is Pakistan | Letter to LA Times


Your article on the feeble efforts of the Pakistani government to root out the al Qaeda, Taliban and foreign insurgents in the tribal areas of Pakistan is both revealing and disturbing
The fact that the current state of United States policy to remedy the situation is paralyzed is also telling.
Inaction by the United States to force its way in to clean up this matter presents a serious threat to America, and the free world countries that are the targets of al Qaeda.
The lack of cooperation from the Pakistani intelligence arm, and in fact its efforts to undermine attempts to identify hostile al Qaeda and Taliban targets, is intolerable.
United States policy toward Pakistan must change.  We have to stop treating the Pakistani government with kid gloves, and cut back on the flow of aid which is doing us no real benefit.
While different than the political situation existing in Afghanistan at the time of 9/11 where the Taliban ruled the country, and were essentially partners with al Qaeda,  the results in Pakistan today are the same  as they were in Afghanistan at the time of 9/11–a thriving and dangerous al Qaeda, and Taliban, and training camps in operation for recruits.
While we risk political upheaval in Pakistan if we assert ourselves in the tribal regions where al Qaeda and the Taliban thrive, the situation being posed there by our inaction is an even greater long term threat to America and the free world nations that are the targets of al Qaeda, and to the stability of both Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention Pakistan. While Pakistan’s government may not be actively harboring terrorists, they are passively.  We are in urgent need of a major change in policy in Pakistan–both diplomatically and militarily.
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