Obama Gets Economic Advice | Letter to Bloomberg


It will be interesting to learn to what degree Rubin, Volcker, and Buffett truly influence the ultra liberal Obama.
Obama has already shown his intentions to weaken the military in order to spend more on domestic programs, leaving us more vulnerable to attacks from radical Islam.
Barack Obama has a blind spot on national defense.  This clearly gives al Qaeda an advantage to regroup and launch more lethal attacks.  Bin Laden will not rest. Decisions that Obama makes in the Oval Office, assuming he wins, will result in radical Islamic fury during his tenure or following his departure. We observed this shortly after Bill Clinton left the Oval Office.
Just because Obama was opposed to the Iraq war, he has a blind spot on the importance of not losing the precious ground gained in that war. He refuses to accept that a decline in United States commitment in Iraq will result in increases in al Qaeda and insurgency activity in Iraq. He refuses to acknowledge that the conditions on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan are interdependent–both are linked by one huge weakness caused by our lack of military pursuit of al Qaeda and the Taliban in the tribal regions of Pakistan. 
John McCain is much more knowledgeable in the areas of national defense, and national security. However,based on the new polls Obama has a clear and decisive lead on McCain.
I hope that you will report on the economic advice that Obama receives from all of his counselors, including Rubin, Buffett and Volcker.
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