Obama the Unknown | Letter to Washington Post


Thanks for your article.
In my various writings and discussions on Barack Obama, I’ll refer to him
as the "wafer man"–turn him sideways and there’s nothing there to see. 
His oratory and mannerisms are attractive and exciting, right down to
the punctuation and intonations of his sentences. He hypnotizes his victims.
As a Republican, looking out at the landscape, there is no way to counter him with McCain.
With someone who is as skilled and gifted as Obama, there is little that the Republicans
can do to counter him. Reinforcing Obama even more is the incredible unpopularity of George W.
So when one combines the gifts of the "chosen one" with the negatives that haunt the Republicans this just  does not seem to be the Republican’s year.
Based on these perceptions, one who is a Republican should look to the future, and begin to
erect a strategy for nullifying the harm that Obama is capable of doing, once elected. They must try to gain control of Congress again. Of all that is negative for the Republicans, one thing that Americans seem to like is a balance of power.
All the military capabilities that we have gained and rebuilt in the last eight years, after the military establishment’s bashing during the Clinton years, is in  jeopardy.  Obama will mainly focus inward on domestic matters while al Qaeda and Islamic jihad flourish.  This means higher taxes for everyone.
He will attempt to dismantle our nuclear advantage with Carter- like nonproliferation tactics while Iran and rogue nations like North Korea continue to build their capabilities and arsenals.
The economy will eventually rebound.  The current round of high oil and gas prices hopefully will
fuel a long range and determined mind set to become more energy independent. 
Obama will last one term, maybe two–no one truly knows him. 
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