Hang in there–things will get better–Post to LV Review Journal

Bob Jack wrote on August 12, 2008 07:39 AM: These are very difficult times for most regular people. I am retired,living on a fixed income. However, after working for 40 years I never had the bad fortune of being out of a job. There were difficult times however when survival in the corporate world was a necessity. In 2005 my wife and I paid in all the cash equity that we had built up into a house in which our entire equity has now been wiped out. Yet we consider ourselves fortunate to be able to hang in there and keep the house, compared to others who are losing their homes.
For those who are out of a job, or who have lost their homes, there is nothing that one can say other than to do your very best to hang in there, and know that this time will pass. Your situation will improve.
If you made mistakes, don’t beat yourself up–no one saw this coming.
When the dust has cleared after this housing and credit mess is over, there will have to be major changes made in the way that borrowers are rated for new loans–too many people have been
negatively impacted by this downturn.
They will need a second chance.

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