Congress and the Stimulus package–Post to Las Vegas Sun

There are enough Democratic votes in the House to pass a vote even if all the Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats vote their own way.House Republicans and some Democratic opposition
were responsible for deleting irrelevant dollars from the bill that passed the House.President Obama pressed for removing some of the items from the House bill that even he did not particularly believe were conducive to the stimulus goals.

The Senate bill will be even better. There will be more tax reductions and tax breaks included to incentivize businesses to repatriate their profits, and spend the money at home, and to knock back the alternative minimum tax so that middle class tax payers do not have to pay the AMT –a tax that was intended to hit wealthy taxpayers,but because of flaws in the tax code was snaring middle class tax payers.

Relax, the process will result in a law with both sides voting their positions the way that they want to.

By the way Senator John Ensign,a Republican has teamed up with a Democrat California Senator to sponsor a tax plank in the senate version of the bill that is likely to pass–so let’s give credit to some bi partisan efforts.

When this law passes, it will give Obama a major victory.

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