Senator Ensign, tax cuts, and aid to states–Post to Las Vegas Sun

  1. Senator Ensign’s corporate tax cut is cosigned by Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California. The purpose of the tax cut is to incentivize corporations to repatriate foreign profits to the US so these profits can be taxed, only at lower rates. Overall this tax cut is designed to increase tax revenues. Also, these corporations would have the after-tax dollars then to invest in capital or other projects in the US which is stimulative in nature. The problem is the Democrats never have seen a tax cut that they like. Most Democrats have no concept of how tax cuts stimulate an economy. You say, well then, why are we in this mess if Bush cut taxes? Because of the greed and mismanagement in the housing market–the toxic effects spread to the entire economy, and that’s the reason. These effects finally overtook the stimulative effects of the Bush tax cuts. You say Ensign is opposed to providing the states with financial assistance under the new aid package. This is where Ensign and I part company. The states need this assistance right now, and should receieve it. Nevertheless, I am on Ensign’s side on about 95% of the issues. He is, in my opinion, an astute individual, and serves the state and nation well. Also, his portfolio in the party is increasing in Washington, where he a respected rival to the Democrats,but can reach across party lines.


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