Alen Specter jumps the Republican ship–Letter to the Las Vegas Sun

As a Republican, I am totally at peace with the departure of Specter from the
Republican camp. Make no mistake, Specter indicated that his decision was based
on the political situation in Pennsylvania, where he faced a tough primary
battle. This is someone,Specter, who in all probability would have been
soundly defeated in his home state by another Republican.

In assessing the situation, I choose to look at the long run as opposed to
the short run. Senator Specter has consistently been a disappointment in recent
years. He has not been a genuine brand name for his Party. For example, he
recently voted for the Obama stimulus bill regardless of the waste and abuse in
that bill. In doing so, Specter undermined his fellow Republicans.  Specter’s
values are more in line with the sentiments of liberals, and that is where the
Senator belongs. 
Based on current reports, Specter’s decision to leave the Republican Party
was also strongly influenced by the Vice President, Joe Biden, who convinced
Senator Specter that the Republican Party has been pulling away from Specter,
and that Specter’s values are now more in line with the Democrats.
There is no question that the Republican Party has much rebuilding to do in
the future. I am just pleased that this rebuilding will be done without Arlen
Specter in the Party.
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