The Afghan/Pakistan threat –letter to New York Times

President Obama says his is gravely concerned about Pakistan.The number one
tragedy in our national security picture would be for Pakistan’s nuclear
arsenal  to fall into the hands of the Taliban. Can anyone begin to imagine how
terrible that would be? President Obama expresses the belief that even though
the current Pakistani government is fragile, being incapable of delivering basic
services to its people, that there is little chance of the Pakistan nuclear
arsenal falling into Taliban hands. One is forced to question the President’s
confidence level on this mortal subject.The President seems to remain above and
detached from the terrible nightmare of the Taliban acquiring Pakistan’s nuclear
weapons.  Every thinking American must ask, "Is the President doing
enough?".Based on the President’s recent orders, another 21,000 troops are
headed toward the Afghan/Pakistan front, to join the 38,000 troops who are
already there. But is this even close to being enough to ensure the relative
stability and peace in a region where a major resurgence of the Taliban has
taken deep roots? The challenges in Afghanistan and Pakistan are greater than in
Iraq. We must deal with a completely different set of difficulties in this front
than we did in Iraq. The harsh terrain and winters. The tribal mountain areas.
The political realities and drug trade. And then the political and diplomatic
challenges that must be addressed in Pakistan which is more concerned with India
than a militant insurgency which is the immediate threat to the government and
the people of Pakistan, and the security of the free world.

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