September 11 remembrance–Letter to Senator Ensign of Nevada

Dear Senator Ensign:

Please turn up the volume this year to ensure that Americans, including Nevadans
remember 9/11 and its meaning to America!

In April of this year President Obama signed into law a measure designating September 11 as a National Day of Service. 
We must not be lulled into believing that there is nothing sinister in the selection of 9/11 by Obama and his administration, and the extreme leftist movement in America, or no intent to eradicate the meaning of this
day in the minds of America. There certainly is!
I find it highly disturbing that President Obama found the time to go on national television to inform the American people about the Islamic Ramadan season and give blessings to the Muslims, while ignoring the
meaning and importance of the Judeo -Christian principles on which this nation was founded and thrives.
We have a problem in the White House. We must remember 9/11 for what it is. A day of national tragedy in which a small group of barbaric radical Islamic jihadists murdered 3,000 innocent human beings by flying commercial airliners into the Twin Towers in NY City and the Pentagon in Washington D.C.and remember the brave people in that commercial jet that crashed in a Pennsylvania field. May the true meaning of 9/11 never be erased in the minds of the American people and may we remain on alert to the on going threat to Islamic jihad.

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