Senate Democrats likely to ruin American health care–Letter to NY Times and LV Sun

The NY Times editorial headlined "Majority rule on health care reform"
pushes for using an arcane Senate procedure called "budget reconciliation" to force through the
liberal version of health care reform while the Democrats still own the majority
of the seats in the Senate. The Times is so desperate for the liberal health
care brand of reform that it would defy the will of the people, and see the
Democrats commit political suicide in the process. While the Times position is
reprehensible,nevertheless, there is good evidence to suggest  the Democrats are
prepared to cram down the throats of Americans a health care plan that they
overwhelmingly do not want.  The backlash will upend the Democrat majority, and
ensure that Obama is a one term president. That’s the good news. The bad news is
that the expected reform will be sure to include all the liberal elements of
health care reform,including a public option and meddlesome bureaucrats deciding on health care issues, and major slashes in Medicare to pay for
this terrible health care plan. 

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