Cheney is right about harsh interrogation methods–Letter to Las Vegas Sun

Former Vice President Dick Cheney went on the airway this past Sunday to
defend the harsh methods used by the CIA in interrogating terrorists. Cheney
believes that Attorney General Eric Holder by investigating these past practices
is appeasing the demand from the far left in America for prosecuting those who
were involved in these harsh interrogation methods.  Cheney’s position is that
this action is purely a political move, and is not in the best interests of
America.  Cheney’s position is that these investigations will have a chilling
effect in recruiting others to engage in the tough job of interrogating
terrorists in the future, and that these interrogations played an important role
in keeping America safe from further mass murders of innocent Americans after
the horrendous events of 9/11.
Clearly the former Vice President is right. We are dealing with a bunch of
barbarians in these radical Islamic
terrorists. Many of them are in the process of hatching plots to bring mass
murder to the soil of America.
The leftists in America are more interested in the rights and freedoms of
these murdering terrorist thugs than they are in protecting other Americans from
mass extinction. That’s a ridiculous stance. But this is the priority of the far
left, who the current Obama administration has decided to toss a bone at the
expense of the national security of the nation.
There are prominent Democrats also, the likes of Senator Diane Feinstein of
California, who believe that this investigation is premature. Even President
Obama is not an advocate of these investigations. Clearly, these investigations
are problematic to the interests of America and should be stopped.

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