Global threat from radical Islam


The recent "surge" of 30,000 more troops for Afghanistan is a significant statement.
Radical Islam in all its factions is the number one enemy to the free world, and to America’s national security. There will always be the anti-war, Code Pink idealists, who believe that putting our defenses away will magically create peace and harmony. Nevertheless the real threat remains from radical Islamic jihadists who are determined to destroy and conquer the free world, it freedoms and institutions. 
Even as President Obama delayed his crucial decision of a significant boost in Afghanistan troop strength, his final decision reflects the realism of the great threat to Western Civilization from the brutal, murderous, and destructive aims of radical Islamic jihad. 
America must make no mistake.  The roots of destruction are real and present in the global  objectives of radical Islam. This is a true global conflict and America is at war!
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