The Tea Party movement

The Tea Party movement is a clear and strong reaction to the recent vast
intrusion by the feds into the lives of individual Americans.  There is no other
reason for the depth, breadth and passion of this modern day upheaval.  Millions
of Americans are shocked, dismayed and highly motivated by the unwelcome
and invasive abuse of power exhibited by Congress and the Obama
administration. While these representatives of the central government  were
invited by civil elections into their jobs, once  in their jobs they
turned rogue, and with their ordained authority turned against those who elected
them and they ended up at odds with a large and vocal segment of America–this
is the essence of the Tea Party movement.    
Because of this reaction, the Tea Party movement has become a legitimate
in the current political environment, and will exact its influence on the
immediate future of the election process in America. 
Like all movements,however, the Tea Party movement has an inevitable
life and a limited purpose. While undoubtedly it will impact the election
process this year, and extend to the elections of 2012 it probably will diminish
thereafter having energized many millions of Americans to exercise their
voting instincts for greater liberty, smaller government and a return to
traditional American values. There is no question that the Tea  Party movement
is a unique and characteristically American phenomenon.  

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