ACORN’s Bertha Lewis

Sherman Frederick’s opinion article in the Sunday April 25,2010 edition of
the R-J titled "to be young and socialist"  regarding the words of Bertha Lewis
of ACORN provides a clear look into the racial arrogance and radicalism of the
ultra liberal and socialist voices in America today. 
Lewis views America  through a color lens in which black America is rising
up to be the controlling power. Hers is a message of racial and socialistic
arrogance. All true Americans, regardless of color or creed, must loudly condemn
the voices of people the likes of Lewis who preach the paths of racism and
collectivism in America. 
What is most frightening is the  taxpayer dollars and political influence
that ACORN had been previously given by the Obama administration until the
crooked and twisted culture of ACORN was exposed by a free lance team devoted to
uncovering the corruption within ACORN. 
If there is any doubt that the radical liberal agenda of Osama and his
administration is  focused on socialism and racial  bias, dispel this
doubt immediately.

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