Capturing illegals in Arizona

The tough anti -illegal immigration law in Arizona is one that needs to be
replicated around the nation. The amnesty seeking demonstrators who are against
the law claim  the new law, which gives law enforcement more freedom to pursue
illegal immigrants, will increase racial profiling and threatens human rights.
The term "racial profiling" is one of the code expressions in today’s
social lexicon which infers in the realm of "political correctness"that we
should not go there. But this is not realistic. We must go there. Maybe a more
accurate term would be " illegal alien profiling".
Turn the situation around, and assume that countless millions of Americans
were flooding across the border illegally into Mexico. Would the Mexican
government stop and question Mexicans? This would be an insane policy. The same
is true in the current round up in Arizona .
 In the interests of supporting the rule of law, law abiding Mexican
Americans should welcome the rule of law in America, and accept the fact that
"illegal alien profiling " is required to  turn around years of neglect by
several Federal  administrations responsible for protecting the border against
the vast invasion by illegal immigrants into this nation.
The liberals’ response to this crisis is amnesty for these
This is akin to giving amnesty to looters who are trampling through
businesses and stealing
during a civil commotion based on the premise that they are poor, and are
only seeking these goods for their reasonable survival. This would be wrong, and
so is the looting that is going on in America today by illegal

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