South Park and radical Islam

The recent depiction of the Prophet Muhammad by the two creators of the
South Park comedy and the threat against them by an Islamic web site is yet
another example of the clash between American values of free expression and
the radical Islamic jihadist culture. There is every indication the main
producer Comedy Central has cowered to radical Islamic pressure. If so, America
is losing the war against radical Islam.  More power to those who are willing to
take a stand against the intolerance and evil of radical Islam.  
While most of us know that this lethal clash exists, liberal crusaders in
the US are bent on accommodating and not offending such radical Islamic ideals
even if this course erodes, and threatens to destroy, that which is distinctly
American. Whenever "tolerance of evil" is allowed to destroy that which is dear,
we have gone too far. Even the Obama administration has blinked recently by
eliminating the term "radical Islamic terrorism" from its homeland security
lexicon. Has insanity replaced reality and common sense?
If America’s artistic and  political leaders allow the roads to sanity and
common sense to be burned, then this great American experiment is doomed to a
dark and dismal fate.

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