Talking about Arizona’s immigration law


The ACLU and other ultra liberal ideologues plan to challenge the new
Arizona anti illegal immigration law. Let’s hope that thousands of illegal
aliens will be apprehended and returned to their native habitats before a
tainted justice system thwarts the efforts to bring about sanity in Arizona.
There truly are no laws in place to protect the innocent and victims of the
criminal onslaught of illegal aliens that is destroying American lives and
assets, and is plunging the nation deeper into debt, and creating a third world
order that will drive America a greater distance into its own living hell. If
the new immigration law is cut down by liberal ideologues and the courts, then
look for a violent backlash by the innocent victims of illegal immigration.
These people have a genuine reason for fighting back to protect their person and
property from the injustice and damage being perpetrated in the name of "human
rights". It will take a miracle to restore the sanity and values that have been
at the center of American tradition. May sanity be restored at the ballot box in
2010 and 2012.
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