Abusive NCAA sanctions on USC football–Letter to Seattle Times

The abusive power of the NCAA was displayed by the recent sanctions
on the USC football program. These sanctions amount to an egregious
and gross over reaction by the NCAA.  Nothing–never—will remove the thrills
and excitement of the Carroll years at the helm of the Trojans. These were great
years, which rivaled the McKay era, and nothing the NCAA can hand out will ever
remove the excitement and greatness of this era in USC football.  The NCAA can
strike wins from the record books, and remove scholarships, but they can never
erase the great memories of this recent era of USC football domination. The deep
hole which the football program has been thrust into by these sanctions is a
shameful example of the NCAA’s intrusive, inept, incompetent over reaction to
infractions which involved just two players–Reggie Bush in Football and 
O.J. Mayo in basketball several years ago. The punishment is an outrageous  and
blatant attack by the NCAA on this particular University, with the malicious
intent to setback and derail a titan in the college football ranks. USC
supporters should be outraged at the NCAA by these developments.
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