Women power ways to political victories in West

Overwhelming victories by two powerful, articulate and high achieving
Republican business women, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina, in the California
primary sends a strong signal that this may be the year that influential women
will power their way into top political
positions. Whitman will oppose Democrat Jerry Brown in the November run for
California Governor. Fiorina will oppose incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer for
one of the two Senate seats in California. Nevada witnessed the impressive come
from behind victory of Sharron Angle in winning the Nevada Republican
Senate primary, and the chance to face Harry Reid in the general election in
November. The American people are eager to witness the end of the dismal
politics as usual under the Obama administration, and incumbents, like Harry
Reid, are in for rough rides in attempts to regain their seats. Claims that
Nevada needs Senator Reid to assure that Nevada is positioned to receive
benefits  from the wasteful welfare state politics of the Obama administration
will fall on deaf ears as Nevadans assess their  real economic misfortunes, led
by joblessness and home foreclosure rates that are among the highest in the
nation.   What the majority of Nevadans know is that what is needed most is a
dramatic shift in the political paradigm in this nation at every level. Sharron
Angle’s candidacy comes at just the right time for her to be propelled into the
Senate by a disgruntled and determined  electorate. Harry Reid’s penthouse suite
in DC will ensure that the Senate Majority Leader remains out of touch with the
painful circumstances of his constituents back in Nevada. 

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