Victory at sea–drilling moratorium blocked by court

The ludicrous, arbitrary and wasteful drilling moratorium imposed by the
Obama administration has been blocked by a judge who has sided with drilling
interests in the Gulf of Mexico.
From the get-go, the Obama administration has engaged in a foolish and
rash overreaction against BP and oil industry firms relative to the tragic
explosion and destruction of the Deepwater Horizon.  The six month ban on
drilling in the deeper Gulf waters would have only added insult to injury in the
disaster that has stricken the Gulf community. Precious oil production and jobs
would have been sacrificed by the ill-timed and foolish drilling ban imposed by
Obama and his administration.  This president has a penchant for rash and
incredulous decisions.  He preys with disdain on private corporations,
and undermines the employment of the very people who stand to suffer from the
devastation that recently hit the Gulf of Mexico when the BP chartered rig
exploded killing eleven, and covering the entire surrounding area with a blanket
of crude oil.
Rather than prudently proceeding with oil drilling operations, while
subjecting these operations to non intrusive inspections, the Obama
administration decided in its infinite wisdom to entirely shut down a
large number of drilling rigs for a period of six months–a move
favorably hailed by the Sierra Club and other environmental idealists who have
no concern for the livelihood of the affected workers and their families, or for
the permanent financial damage to the entire Gulf region.
The Obama administration intends to file an appeal of this moratorium
blocking legal decision. One can only hope that the courts will stand firm in
their interpretation of the law, and continue to block the illegal actions that
comprise the Obama moratorium. 

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