Broken promises,broken laws and lies–illegal immigration in Arizona

President Obama and his administration’s actions against the state of
Arizona relative to the crisis in illegal immigration are a combination
of broken promises, broken laws and lies.
Obama and his administration are on a ruthless political mission to
undermine the top political leaders and the citizens of Arizona and their
constitutional guarantees to the individual pursuit of happiness,  and the
protection of their civil liberties and property rights. This blatant assault by
the feds, led by Obama and his political lackeys, is an unprecedented betrayal
by our own federal government, and cannot be tolerated. 
Recent meetings by President Obama with  both Governor Jan Brewer and
Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona evidence the underhanded political dealings of the
In his meeting with Brewer he promised her that his administration would
soon send representatives to Arizona to witness first hand the illegal border
abuses in the State. No one ever showed up. In the meeting with Kyle, Kyle
alleges that Obama actually
stated that if the feds were to secure the border (as required by law) that
the Republicans would not support immigration reform. Of course, the President
was referring to granting amnesty to about 12 million immigrants who have
crossed the border to the south illegally. Obama’s aids claim that Obama never
made this statement to Kyl. Kyl disagreed. This political blackmail by Obama is characteristic of his failed
leadership, and one of the reasons for his plummeting poll ratings
The President’s devious hard ball politics intentionally inflicts damage on
Arizona and other border states as well as countless cities across America which
are being besieged by illegal immigrants from the southern border. In this
unconstitutional tragedy, Obama’s intention is that by leaving the southern
border exposed and vulnerable to the onrush of illegal aliens that this will
somehow pressure Republicans to submit to immigration reform.  This tactic is
both  immoral and illegal. These unlawful actions must be stopped.The people of
Arizona are demanding and require protection from the flood of illegals who have
inundated their state,bringing criminal violence against the lives and property
of innocent law abiding Americans, and to turning parts of the state into third
world-like areas of unchecked criminal activity. The very thought that this kind
of international abuse from Mexico and treacherous policy from the feds would be
tolerated is beyond comprehension.
The new Arizona anti-illegal immigration law must be upheld. To achieve
its  political objectives, the Obama administration plans to challenge the
Arizona law in the courts on Constitutional grounds and will also help
to inspire an economic boycott of the state. The extent of the Obama
administration’s incredulous activities knows no bounds. We are in a major
border war in which the Mexican government actively participates with the
cooperation and support of Obama and his administration.

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