Iranian strike may be near

The unstable Middle East may be in for another rude awakening–Iran’s nuclear facilities may not be long for this world..  The arrogant "in -your -face- " Iranian regime may be in its final days. There is more and more public discussion of a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities these days, and not by Israel, but by the United States. There is a pent up fury in America against the Persian Gulf nation’s  leadership, and a strike on Iran should gain strong support from the heartland of the U.S. which has a long memory, and which is feed up with the arrogance of the Iranian regime’s taunting defiance of America, and its saber rattling threats.
In reality the Middle East cannot afford a nuclear Iran. Frankly speaking Obama cannot afford a nuclear Iran, which would block his plans for a Middle East political resolution  which he is seeking ,not to speak of the obvious political implications for his own administration and the Democrats at home.
The only thing  to be determined, which seems obvious, is the timing for such a strike–October of this year would be perfect–right before the November elections. 
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