Nevada Senate Race–Sharron Angle vs Harry Reid

Sharron Angle, the Republican nominee for the United States Senate, is
running a dead heat with the notable,  highly unpopular and powerful Harry
Reid,  the U.S Senate majority leader. This campaign has taken on a national
significance and is one of the most watched races in America.
Sharron Angle, running as a "Conservative Republican", is a stark contrast
to Reid in terms of  political philosophy and policy. Mrs. Angle believes that
government is best conducted at the state and local level where real people
solve real problems. She would return America to its rightful owners, the
American people. Angle would cut taxes on individuals and small business
owners –the ones who create jobs and wealth in America. She would simplify the
tax code to remove from it the special favors for special interests, and
significantly reduce the size of the federal government . Angle would
allow young Americans to invest some of their own money for Social Security in
private accounts to save for their retirement. She would repeal Obamacare, and
restore the half a trillion dollars that is being cut from Medicare. 
Nevada has not prospered for some time under Harry Reid’s Senate
leadership. He consistently sides with President Obama’s policies regardless of
their unpopularity with the large majority of Americans. This could likely
be a political recipe for Reid’s ultimate defeat this  coming November. Under
Reid, and Obama, Nevadans have been pounded unmercifully with the highest
unemployment and home foreclosure rates in the nation, with no end in sight.
Angle pleads with the voters to please tell Harry Reid that we have had enough
of his help already and that we do not need it any more.
One thing is clear–Angle would give Nevada a fresh new start to things in
Washington D.C.
She is definitely a viable and lively alternative to Harry Reid who has
clearly worn out his welcome with the majority of Nevadans. 

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