America must wake up to the intentions of intolerant Islamism

Recent approval to condemn the building which now rests on the site soon to
become the home of the "Ground Zero Mosque" will allow the contentious mosque to
move forward only a short distance from Ground Zero, where the World Trade
Towers together with the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent people were brutally
destroyed on September 11, 2001 by Islamic jihadists.
New York City officials, led by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, display both the
height of tone deafness and an ignorance of fundamental Islamic tactics, as they
hail the new Mosque as a sign of America’s tolerance and openess.
These officials instead are at the heart of an unnerving exhibition of political
correctness; one that grips not only the most avid liberals,but also many well
meaning Americans whose genuine faith in the tolerance and openess of
America blinds them to the evil and cunning of radicalized Islam. 
To fundamental Muslims the mosque, when built, will stand as a symbol of the
triumph of Islam over the America.  
To add insult to injury the new Ground Zero Mosque is planned to be opened
on September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of the horrific act of
radical Islamic murder and destruction. Does any thinking American have any
doubt in their mind as to the evil and dark intentions of the
fundamental Islamists who are planning to erect this symbol of triumph by
radical Islam over the greatness of the American values of freedom and liberty
which are so despised by the fanatical contempt and evil of Islamism.  
Is it possible that the very institutions and values which have created the
and greatness of America will become the very cornerstones of its
own demise?

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