Sharron Angle bears fresh ideas and policies for Nevada

The U.S. Senate race in  Nevada is a high stakes competitive struggle.
between Sharron Angle and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Republican Senate
nominee Sharron Angle is in a near neck to neck race thus far with Reid.

Mrs. Angle believes in reducing the size of and dependence on the federal
government, opting instead to see more responsibility and authority handed over
to state and local government.  Angle wants to repeal the complex web and burden
of Obamacare and replace it with such things as obtaining health insurance
across state lines and tort reform. 

Mrs. Angle believes in reducing taxes on individuals and small businesses the
latter who are the prime creators of jobs and wealth in society. Simplifying the
tax code is also high on Mrs. Angles  priority list.  She believes that younger
Americans should be able to invest some of their social security
contributions in private accounts. Angle also wants to protect Medicare against
the half trillion dollar cut under Obamacare. Mrs. Angle is quick to recognize
that Social Security is fiscally broken and in need of fixing.

On energy policy Angle is pro drilling for domestic source oil, and would
have approved the three coal fired plants in Ely,Nevada which were killed by
Harry Reid. As for nuclear fuel disposal, Mrs. Angle would  send the spent
nuclear fuel to Nevada, and turn Nevada into the reprocessing capital. She would
not be in favor of turning Yucca Mountain into a nuclear dump.

Mrs Angle believes that the war on terror is a central challenge, and that a
strong military and the protection of American lives command top priority. She
is opposed to illegal immigration and any amnesty for illegal aliens.

Sharron Angle represents a fresh start  for Nevada, which is plagued by
record unemployment and foreclosures, with no real end in sight. The policies of
Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama have not lifted Nevada out of the
quagmire that is its present condition. Nevada would certainly appear to greatly
benefit from fresh new views and policies that Sharron Angle would bring
to Nevada.

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