America’s tolerance tested by Ground Zero Mosque

Recent developments in NY City will allow the contentious Ground
Zero Mosque to move forward.  The new Mosque will be built only a short distance
from Ground Zero, where the World Trade Towers together with the lives of
nearly 3,000 innocent people were brutally eliminated on September 11, 2001 by
radicalized Islamic terrorists. Outrage has been expressed by millions of
Americans who are deeply offended by plans to build this Mosque. At present New
York is home to about 100 Mosques,as the Muslim population grows. The United
States Muslim population stands at approximately 7 million.
New York City officials, led by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, have displayed the
zenith of tone deafness, incredulous insensitivity and a disgusting ignorance of
fundamental Islam’s historical behavior, as these NY City officials celebrate
the new Mosque as a sign of America’s tolerance and openess.  Mayor Bloomberg
also cites the doctrine of the separation of church and state as being upheld in
the decision to allow the controversial  Mosque to proceed. 
These officials are actually harking to the unnerving voice of "political
correctness"; one that grips not only the most avid liberals,but also many well
intentioned mainstream Americans whose genuine faith in America’s tolerance
and goodness blinds them to the cunning of radicalized Islam.  To
the fundamental Muslims who are steering the Mosque’s development, when built, 
the Mosque will stand as a symbol of triumph by Islam over the very American
values and institutions which are so deeply despised by Islam.  
To add insult to injury the new Ground Zero Mosque is planned to be opened
on September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of that horrific act of
radical Islamic murder and destruction.

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