Sharron Angle is the right choice for Nevada

Sharron Angle is the fresh new voice Nevada needs in the United States Senate.
Reid’s, Pelosi’s and Obama’s policies are stagnant–they are impotent and
financially destructive. This large unwieldy central government is out of
control.Spending is devastating our present and future.

Sharron Angle is leading bold new initiatives across the board–smaller
government, and a return to local and state rule. Where real problems meet real
people. Angle is strongly opposed to Obamacare, and would repeal the law and its
corrosive impacts on our entire healthcare system,including a half trillion
dollar slash in Medicare, and the repressive effects of new tax burdens
on employers, employees, and on those citizens who desire the freedom to self
insure,but will be forced by mandates to buy healthcare insurance or be
fined–an unconstutional requirement.

Angle would allow young Americans the option to divert part of their Social
Securiy contributions into personal retirement accounts which would guarantee
everyone at least the same Social Security distribution they would receive had
they remained in the traditional plan. Angle is a warrior on national defense
and terrorism, perceiving it to be a central threat to peace,freedom and
security. Sharron Angle is against the crime of illegal immigration, and
champions the rule of law,supporting Arizona’s anti illegal immigration law. She
is pro Sheriff Joe from Arizona.

Angle believes in retaining the present tax cuts, and is for a simpler and
more user friendly tax code that would reduce the need for expensive tax
preparation services, and lead to a much reduced Internal Revenue Service.

Angle would establish Yucca Mountain as a high technology center for nuclear
fuel reprocessing–a task that the U.S. has outsourced to France which would
create more and better jobs for Nevadans. She would not use Yucca Mountain as a
nuclear waste dump.

Harry Reid is out of touch with Nevada. Under the corrosive legislation and
policies promoted by Reid, Pelosi and Obama, Nevada is in great pain today, with
no end in sight. Nevada leads the Nation in unemployment and home foreclosures,
and the picture continues to get dimmer each month. Angle is correct when she
begs Harry Reid to stop trying to help Nevada with his failed legislation and
policies. Enough is enough. Harry Reid must go, and Sharron Angle must be
elected to replace him.

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