Computer worm and assassination plague Iranian nuclear development

The computers at key Iranian nuclear facilities at Natanz (uranium
processing center) and Bashehr (nuclear reactor) have been invaded by a cyber
attack which is creating serious difficulties at those locations. The invading 
computer virus, known as the Stuxnet Worm, is a very long lasting and
debilitating one and is creating havoc for the Iranians. While the Iranian
government is downplaying the significance of the virus, experts in America and
Europe confirm that the "traffic"  on web sites who have studied the
worm is heavily Iranian in source. The conclusion from this is that the Iranians
are still in deep technical trouble because of the Stuxnet Worm which is
infecting the computers at these locations and that there is no near term
solution in sight.
Another recent development which might be a precursor of more future
problems for Iran’s nuclear program was the recent attack in Tehran by men on
motorcycles against two Iranian scientists on their way to work. One scientist
was killed and the other was wounded. Could this be the beginning of a
systematic plan to assassinate the Iranian experts who are leading the nuclear
developments in Iran? 
These unfolding developments bear watching because they spell imminent
trouble for the nuclear program in Iran, and may be in fact a turning point in
helping to bring Iran’s nuclear program to its knees.

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