New Communist China ballistic missile undermines U.S. Naval supremacy

Now that Communist China has developed a game changing anti aircraft carrier ballistic missile, the Navy must now address this new threat so that American Naval advantage at sea is not undermined and compromised.  The initial response from the United  States Navy to this new Chinese weapons technology was anemic at best and certainly provided no solace to our allies in Japan,South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. The Navy’s historic battle group strategy whereby a group of ships is anchored by a carrier must certainly be revisited after the latest weapons advancement by Communist China. A more stealth like multiple strike system capability appears to be the best approach to China’s new development as well as an aggressive anti ballistic missile system capable of swift launch from carrier groups. The carriers are massive and vulnerable weapons systems that are akin to sea going cities with large numbers of personnel and aircraft on board. These water bound aircraft systems are anachronistic in today’s wars which require smaller, faster and more agile responses.  The Navy should have seen this one coming years ago and not have been caught off guard without an adequate strategic countermeasure.  
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