Unionized public workers need a blast of reality

While union card carrying bullies and spoiled brats in Wisconsin and elsewhere demonstrate to retain their hefty pay, benefit, tenure and pension plans the rest of us are ready to bring down our wrath on their heads, kick them all out of their tax supported jobs, and replace them with people willing and ready to work. This unionized mob has been protected by their Democratic tax and spend union bosses, President Obama and other Washington DC liberal politicians so long that they now actually believe that the public sector belongs to them.. Well, it doesn’t! 
The heart of the American public has had enough of this insanity and will not take it any longer. The game is up, and fiscal sanity must be restored. Perspectives must be reshaped. Those who have been forced to sacrifice, and lost  their jobs and houses are now demanding that this protected class–the unionized public worker either join the real world or be replaced. Enough is enough!!
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