We need the return of the “invisible hand”

The compelling freedom of self interest as revealed by Adam Smith in the “invisible hand” of  his work, The Wealth of Nations, is what is needed now to create an economic boom that will lift us out of these deep doldrums.  While greed, carried to unchecked extremes, corrupts and spreads gross inequities, the simplicity and magic of the “invisible hand” when allowed to leap and dance in a free marketplace is a most powerful and intoxicating force– and the time has come to unleash it.
We have experienced the gridlock and stagnation produced by big government when it  manages all the main components of our economy. It is now time to free up our markets and allow free enterprise the opportunity to bloom and glisten again.
Congress and this administration are called on to incentivize, across the board, all aspects of the market, including tax and investment policies, slash debt, and eliminate barriers
to efficiencies created by burdensome environmental, production and manufacturing regulations. It is time for a paradigm shift toward market freedom and innovation. Let’s begin now!
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