HOAs–pros and cons

There is a vocal minority anti-HOA movement taking place in Nevada. The truth of the matter is that most developments built today, and over the past ten years or more have been developed around the HOA model.  Under this model homeowners who buy into a development agree by contract to adhere to requirements specified in the governing covenants of the HOA.
Homeowners elect a Board whose members have a fiduciary duty to the HOA with an  obligation to act to maintain and increase property values in the development, ensure the right of homeowners to receive the benefit of “quiet enjoyment” to the use of their property, and to enforce the terms of the governing covenants of the development, including the HOA’s rules and regulations.
There are essentially two broad categories of homeowners–those who do not want to be bothered by rules that govern their property’s use.  These are generally those people who are willing to tolerate semi trucks parked in their neighborhoods, weeds growing in their neighbor’s front yards, or neighbors who park their cars in the street ,whether or  not the cars are operational . If these conditions are not objectionable to you then you probably do not require an HOA development.
The second type of homeowner generally wants the aesthetic surroundings of his or her neighborhood to be maintained to some quality standard . If you are this type of person, an HOA development is probably for you.
The fact is that on a general basis, the HOA controlled development should in the long run do more to protect your property values and, is far and away the best model for maintaining the appearance of a community. HOA Boards must treat homeowners fairly and consistently in the way they perform their duties in these developments. HOA’s and their Boards are strictly controlled by the Nevada Revised Statutes under NRS 116.

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