UN terms of Libyan mission are unclear


The Arab League and the Western Coalition Members are now at odds over the extent of the Western Members’ strikes  against Libya and Qadaffi. The Arab League believes the West has overstepped the bounds that the Arab League had  agreed to in the UN Resolution to establish a “No Fly Zone” and take all necessary measures to protect civilians from the forces of Qadaffi. What is clear is that the engagement plan of the Western Members,led by the U.S., is more aggressive than the Arab Members had in mind. The missile strike on Qadaffi’s compound conducted by one of the the West’s members was a source of concern for the Arab League. Now that the military actions have been started, the West must continue as long as Qadaffi ignores the terms of the UN Resolution.  There is still a structural problem in the terms of the UN Resolution, which did not include an exit strategy for the mission. The Resolution did not go far enough when it did not authorize the elimination of the Qadaffi regime. As long as the regime hangs on, the threat of continuing
harm to the protesters exists. For this reason the Western Coalition Members must ensure that the regime is eliminated regardless of the pushback from the Arab League and the UN, neither of which, along with the Western Coalition Members, clarified the extent of the mission or the exact terms of engagement.

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